In-House Custom Tarp Shop

Get the Best Deals in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma on Custom Tarps 

At Caliber Canvas & Liners, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our In-House Tarp Shop stands as a testament to this commitment, ensuring that every tarp we craft meets the highest standards of quality and customization.

Customized To Your Needs

From semi-trailer tarps to specialized mesh tarps, cattle shades, sod tarps, stock trailer tarps, and boat covers, our In-House Tarp Shop is equipped to handle a wide range of requests. No project is too big or too small, and each tarp receives the same attention to detail and quality.

purple trailer tarp

Semi Trailer Tarps

stock trailer with red tarp

Stock Trailer Tarps

cattle shade tarp

Cattle Shade Solutions

Why Our In-House Tarp Shop Stands Out

Precision Craftsmanship

Every tarp is meticulously crafted by our staff, ensuring durability, functionality, and aesthetics in every stitch and seam.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need a specific size, material, or design, our in-house facility allows us to create tarps that fit your exact requirements.

Quick Turnaround

With our operations centralized, we can guarantee faster production times, ensuring you get your tailored tarp solution when you need it.

Quality Assurance

Crafting our tarps in-house means we have complete control over the production process, ensuring each product meets our stringent quality standards.

Sustainable Practices

By crafting tarps in-house, we minimize waste, utilize sustainable materials, and ensure that our processes are environmentally conscious.

Experience the Caliber Difference

Our legacy in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is built on trust, quality, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. The In-House Tarp Shop is just one of the many ways we ensure that our clients receive the best. Dive into a world of premium offerings with Caliber Canvas & Liners and discover how our tarps can elevate your hauling and shading needs.

Interested in a custom tarp solution?

Our team is always ready to discuss your requirements and guide you through our offerings. Reach out to us at 903-900-9970 and let's craft the perfect tarp solution for you.