Three generations of family owned and operated businesses located in the Paris region to serve you. Customers with a demand for high quality, low cost and supreme service are now satisfied clients of Caliber Canvas & Liners.

With controlled overhead costs, Caliber Canvas & Liners passes significant savings to the customer without compromising quality and service. 

Caliber Canvas & Liners

Awnings & Shades

Reduce temperature and energy consumption in your home while creating a comfortable space for your family.

We are a certified dealer of Solair shade solutions. If you're looking for exterior vertical shades, retractable or fixed awnings, or power screens for your residential or commercial property, we have the right solution for you. 

Our systems can be customized to fit your needs and property architecture. Contact us to discuss what solutions are best for you and your budget.


You will not find a higher quality plastic combined with our service and pricing anywhere, guaranteed!

With a high demand for HMW/UHMW material, our research team discovered the benefits of polyethylene including extending the overall life of your trailer, reduced risk of rollover, and less maintenance to name a few.

To minimize risk, preserve your trailer, eliminate carry back for increased productivity and make more money, contact us for a cost and time estimate.

Tarp Systems

Cover your load with a durable, convenient, and affordable tarp system.

Our tarp systems are build to withstand years of heavy use and cover your load in seconds with easy to use ground controls. With automatic and manual options, our systems are adaptable and come in the size you need.

Whether you haul gravel, asphalt, dirt, sand, or other products, or you have heaped or irregular loads, our tarp systems provide protection and convenience, helping you to save both money and time.