HMW Natural

Our most popular liner

HMW natural is a 100% virgin High Molecular Weight (HMW) polyethylene, with added UV (UVI) protectants and lubricants. This product is a “natural”  or off-white color material, specifically formulated for a wide variety of uses. Since HMW plastic is competively priced, it is the most popular material used for rock, sand, gravel, base, lime, ect. This plastic is a quality and affordable option for most people that will NOT be hauling asphalt.

Caliber, installs more HMW plastic than any other - in particular 3/8” x 8’ and 3/8' x10’.   With a need to save wear on their trailer without breaking the bank, many customers choose HMW. If you need to protect your trailer from hauling sand, gravel, rock ect. at an affordable price, this plastic may be the right fit for you. Give us a call today at 903-900-9970.


Sizes Available

1/4" X 8'10
1/4" X 10'12.5
1/4" X 12'15
3/8" X 8'15
3/8" X 10'18.75
3/8" X 12'22.5
1/2" X 8'20
1/2" X 10'25
1/2" X 12'30

Checkout the table above for weight of plastic per linear foot(running feet).