Discover Efficiency with Slide N Go

In partnership with Cramaro, Caliber Canvas & Liners is a proud seller of Slide N Go Tarp Systems. A fusion of cutting-edge design, durability, and convenience, Slide N Go is the answer to modern-day hauling challenges.

The Slide N Go Difference

  • Effortless Functionality: Whether you're hauling sand, gravel, or asphalt, Slide N Go promises impeccable protection. Choose between a chain-driven manual crank or the advanced optional electric drive system for smooth tarp operations.
  • Universal Compatibility: Slide N Go isn't just a tarp system; it's a versatile solution. From belly dumps to end dumps, its design ensures seamless integration across various hauling equipment.

Distinctive Features of Slide N Go Tarp System

Automated Convenience

Slide N Go combines the robustness of a bowed tarp system with the ease of automation. Its unique design ensures bows move out of the tarp's way during operations, minimizing manual handling.

Adaptable & Efficient Design

Catering to a range of dump bodies and lengths, Slide N Go is perfect for roll-offs, hoppers, end dumps, and beyond. With the manual ground control crank or the optional electrical motor, operation is a breeze.

Models for Every Need

Whether you're looking for anti-pollution, semi-waterproof, or full waterproof solutions, Slide N Go has got you covered.

Endurance Guaranteed

Built with robust components, Slide N Go is designed for longevity. Its resilient cables are crafted to endure loader interactions, promising extended service life.

Experience the Efficiency and Convenience of Slide N Go

Discover why Texan truckers choose Slide N Go and how it can protect your loads. Contact our specialists at 903-900-9970, or stop by our shop, and let's redefine your hauling experience.