Flip N Go

The Ultimate Shield for Irregular Loads

Every Texas trucker knows the challenges of securing heaped or irregular loads. Caliber Canvas & Liners, in collaboration with Cramaro, delivers the solution with Flip N Go Tarp Systems – a solution specially crafted for the best protection and ease of use.

The Flip N Go Difference

  • Precision-Engineered for Diverse Loads: Designed specifically for heaped or irregular loads, Flip N Go ensures your cargo remains protected, irrespective of its shape or size.
  • Ease of Operation: Choose between the classic hand ground control crank or the state-of-the-art optional electric motor. With Flip N Go, covering or uncovering your load is a breeze.
  • Adaptable to Your Needs: Perfect for trailers and trucks spanning 10’ to 50’, Flip N Go seamlessly adapts from dump truck tarps to expansive trailer covers. The Flip N Go system comes in a variety of widths and lengths to suit your needs – 10’-20’, 21’-30’, 31’-40’, and 41’-50’.

Features That Set Flip N Go Apart

Proudly American

Crafted with pride in the USA, Flip N Go integrates heavy-duty components, reflecting Cramaro's legacy of robust diamond profiles and being the strongest in the industry.

Safety-Centric Design

Flip N Go prioritizes your safety. Its intuitive design with a hand ground crank or optional electric motor, ensures swift operation, reducing risks and amplifying efficiency.

Endurance Personified

Constructed with heavy duty aluminum, Flip N Go stands resilient against time and the elements, built to last many years of heavy use.

Extended Arm Strength

Our sturdy arms, available in a variety of lengths, guarantee comprehensive coverage, that can cover trailers up to 50' in length.

Embark on a Safer, More Efficient Hauling Journey

Discover the unmatched protection of Flip N Go. Give us a call or stop by our store and let our experts tailor the best tarp solution for your needs.