The Premier Choice for Asphalt Hauling in Texas

At Caliber Canvas & Liners, we have been proudly serving truckers – providing the best solution for their needs at affordable prices. For Texan truckers hauling asphalt, there is no better truck bed liner than Quicksilver. Designed for hauling asphalt, Quicksilver truck bed liners are the best for performance and efficiency.

Why Quicksilver is the Truckers' First Choice

  • Asphalt Specialist: Quicksilver isn't just any liner; it's the trucker's best ally when hauling asphalt or hot mix. Engineered with precision, it stands as the undisputed champion for professionals who won't settle for anything but the best.
  • Peak Efficiency: Eliminate the woes of material carry-back and partial loads. Quicksilver ensures that every square inch of your truck bed is utilized, guaranteeing swift and clean dumps irrespective of the material's temperature or type.
  • Seamless Versatility: With Quicksilver, transition seamlessly from hauling sizzling asphalt in the morning to transporting gritty sand or gravel by the evening. Its adaptability ensures you're always primed for the next task.

Quicksilver's Distinctive Features

Beyond its robustness, Quicksilver is a testament to innovation and operational excellence. Its standout features include:

  • Swift Material Release: Say goodbye to tedious cleanups and material residues. Quicksilver ensures a rapid and clean release every time.
  • All-Temperature Performance: Whether it's the scorching Texas summer or a chilly winter morning, Quicksilver performs consistently across all temperatures.
  • Broad Material Compatibility: From molten asphalt to chunky gravel, Quicksilver's design ensures compatibility with a diverse range of materials.

Our Quicksilver Liner Kits Include:

  • Quicksilver pre-scored liner
  • Cover strips
  • Hold down plate already installed on liner
  • Dedicated service to ensure a smooth installation

We have the best truck liner kits at the best price guaranteed!

Ready to experience the Quicksilver difference?

Reach out to our dedicated team at 903-900-9970, and let's set the wheels in motion for a revolutionized hauling experience.