HMW Black

Discover Unparalleled Protection with HMW Black Truck Bed Liners

At Caliber Canvas & Liners, we care about our customers and the quality of the products we sell. That’s why we offer HMW Black liners. HMW Black truck bed liners are a perfect blend of robust protection and affordability. Come see why truckers in Bonham and northeast Texas trust us with their truck bed liner needs.

Why Choose HMW Black Truck Bed Liners?

  • Superior Protection: Designed to withstand the challenges of hauling materials like sand, gravel, and rock, our HMW Black truck bed liners ensure your trailer remains shielded from potential wear and tear.
  • Sleek Appearance: Beyond its protective capabilities, the deep black shade of our liners adds a layer of sophistication to your trailer, ensuring it stands out wherever it goes.
  • Budget-Friendly: HMW Black, being a reprocessed high molecular weight polyethylene, offers an economical alternative to pure virgin plastic truck bed liners. Crafted from unused scrap plastic, it's recycled and reshaped into new sheets, marking it as an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Aesthetic and Functional: Infused with carbon, this liner not only provides UV protection but also boasts a visually striking finish.
  • Easy Maintenance: The truck bed liner's smooth surface ensures easy cleaning, allowing for efficient maintenance and longevity.

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Specifications and Sizes

Our HMW Black truck bed liners are available in diverse thicknesses and widths to cater to your specific needs:

1/4" X 8'10
1/4" X 10'12.5
1/4" X 12'15
3/8" X 8'15
3/8" X 10'18.75
1/2" X 7'17.5
1/2" X 8'20
1/2" X 10'25

For a comprehensive breakdown of lbs. per linear foot, please refer to the table above.

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