Exterior Vertical Shades

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience with Premium Vertical Shades

Caliber Canvas & Liners brings to Bonham and the wider Paris, Texas region, a shade solution that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Our exterior vertical shades are designed to redefine your outdoor spaces, offering comfort, privacy, and a touch of luxury.

Why Choose Our Vertical Shades?

  • UV Defense: Safeguard your spaces from the relentless Texan sun, ensuring your outdoor areas remain comfortable and UV-protected.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Our blinds for outdoor decks offer the seclusion you desire, making every moment outdoors special.
  • Energy Efficiency: Combat the heat, reduce your cooling expenses, and enjoy a more energy-efficient home.
  • Clear Views, No Glare: Experience the outdoors without the sun's glare, ensuring every view is picture-perfect.

Discover the Perfect Shade for Your Space

Let's co-create an outdoor space that's both functional and fabulous. Connect with the Caliber Canvas & Liners team at 903-900-9970 and let's embark on this shade journey together.

vertical drop curtain

Customized Shade Solutions

Our shades come in a variety of fabrics and designs, catering to both homes and businesses. Whether it's awnings for business patios or vertical shades for residential decks, we've got you covered.

Versatile Vertical Drop Curtains

Choose from our range of drop curtains, each designed with a specific need in mind. Our roller curtains promise ease and elegance, while our cable curtain variant is crafted to withstand the unpredictable Texas weather.

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Proudly Partnered with Solair®

Our commitment to quality has led us to partner with Solair®, a name synonymous with durability and excellence in the world of shade solutions.

We are an authorized dealer of Solair®. Solair® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Sun or Rain, We've Got You Covered

Experience the best of outdoor living with Caliber's awnings and shade solutions. Contact our team today to find out what shade solutions may work for you.