Exterior Vertical Shades

Create the perfect space for you and your family

Our vertical shades are an excellent choice when you want to shade an exterior window or enclose your deck or patio. Our shades will not only protect you from UV rays and provide you with greater privacy, they will also reduce your energy costs and reduce the sun's glare into your home.

We offer a variety of fabrics to choose from, which are engineered for different purposes. Our team can assist you with choosing the right solution for your home.

We are an authorized dealer of Solair®. Solair® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

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vertical drop curtains

Vertical Drop Curtains

Drop curtains are a great economical choice for many homes. Our roller curtains provide shade and privacy without a housing or track system. These types of curtains are best for areas with less wind, as the roller curtain is not fully fixed at the bottom and will move with a gust of wind.

We can provide you with greater stability with the cable curtain version. It uses side cables that help protect the curtain from moving when it's windy.

screen material

Power Screens

If you are looking for a modern solution to provide some protection from the sun, our power screens may be right for you. We offer two solutions, but the model that is right for you will depend on the design of your home.

The first solution we have create an enclosed system. It uses SRS technology, which involves side retention tracks on each side of the fabric. This eliminates gaps and helps to keep out mosquitoes and other bugs. Overall, this solution provides the best combination of protection from the sun and bugs.

The second solution we offer is a cable guided system. It is designed to offer privacy, protection from the sun, and lightweight wind protection. If your home isn't suitable for the enclosed system, the cable guided system may work for you.