Save time and money when you cover and uncover your load

When hauling products such as dirt, gravel, sand, or asphalt, you need a durable and reliable tarp system. We are a certified dealer of Cramaro’s Slide N Go tarp system that makes it quick and easy to cover and uncover in seconds.

The Slide N Go system is manually operated by a chain driven crank or an optional electric drive system. It can be installed on any dump body, belly dump, end dump, or roll off can.

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Why Choose Slide N Go?


The Slide N Go system provides the support of a bowed tarp system with the convenience of an automated system. The bows move out of the way of the tarp automatically when covering or uncovering, making is so you don’t have to add or remove them manually.



It works on any a variety of dump bodies and any length. Use it on belly dumps, roll offs, hoppers, end dumps, and more.



Built to last, the Slide N Go system uses heavy duty components that will endure years of usage. The cables are designed to be flexible to prevent damage by the loader to ensure long use.



There are different models to suit your needs such as anti-pollution, semi-waterproof, and full waterproof.


Fast and Easy to Use

Using the manual ground control crank or the optional electrical motor, you can cover and uncover your load in seconds.