Flip N Go

The best tarp system for heaped and irregular loads

When you have loads that are heaped or irregular, a durable, easy to use tarp system is what you need. We are a certified dealer of Cramaro’s Flip N Go tarp system. Controlled with a crank or an optional electric motor, you can cover and uncover your load easily. With durable, heavy duty components, the system will last many years of use.

The system can fit trailers and trucks up from 10’ to 50’ with different options to configure it to fit your needs.

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Why Choose Flip N Go?

Durable and Reliable

Made in the USA, the Flip N Go system is constructed of heavy duty components that are made to last. Cramaro is known for their heavy duty diamond profile and being the strongest in the industry.


Safe and Easy to Operate

Use the hand ground control crank or an optional electric motor to cover and uncover your load quickly and easily.


Built to Last

Flip N Go is made with heavy duty aluminum construction that is built to last years of heavy use.


Strongest Arms Available

Our heavy duty arms come in a range of sizes that can cover trailers up to 50’.


Range of Sizes to Fit Your Needs

The Flip N Go system comes in a variety of widths and lengths to suit your needs – 10’-20’, 21’-30’, 31’-40’, and 41’-50’.